NEW Farrington's Burford Working Hunter Saddle 17.5” Seat Medium Fit SS127

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  • Manufacturer: Farrington's
  • Model: Burford Working Hunter Thoroughbred Range
  • Seat: 17.5”
  • Width: Medium
  • Excellent weight bearing surface
  • Drop panels
  • Wide gullet
  • Front gussets
  • Knee Blocks
  • Premium wool flocked panels
  • Colour: Havana

This is one of Farrington's most popular showing saddles, produced by craftsmen, beautifully made, comfortable for both horse and rider and extremely stylish in the show ring.

The Burford WH is designed for horses with withers and is particularly suited to Thoroughbreds and TB types. It has wool flocked drop panels, deep rear gussets and a generous gullet. These key areas assist in achieving optimum fit for these types of horses.
The narrow twist, medium depth comfort seat, soft calf leather knee and back rolls ensure the rider is comfortable too.
A truly beautiful saddle designed especially for the discerning RoR show riders. You won’t be disappointed...