Rapide Leather Dressing

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Rapide Leather soap is a natural soap specially developed to clean and to condition the leather.

A perfect product for all tack and leather riding boots and also for other kinds of leather items such as bags, belts, shoes, furniture, etc. This high
quality product is developed in a perfect balanced formula of raw materials. It releases deep down dirt and grime and keeps the leather soft
and pliable. Available in black, brown or natural.

Instructions for use: rub into the leather even using a circular motion until no trace of soap is seen. When dry, polish with a soft cloth.

Saddle Selector Review: We were introduced to this amazing product by Farrington’s Saddlery and we have been using it now for over a year. Having
been so impressed with this product, we want to offer it on sale to our clients. The black and brown are fantastic for helping restore colour back
into saddles and the neutral is perfect for everyday use and leaves a glossy sheen. Basically we use it on anything leather, it smells divine and if you
enjoy the smell of marzipan you'll love it!. Try it and see for yourself.

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