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The Saddle Selector Rehab Pad - Dressage

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The Saddle Selector Rehab Pad: The Must Have Saddlecloth System

- The latest innovative solution to adjusting the fit of your saddle and aid muscle development.

- Developed to encourage perfect fit, stability and maintain healthy muscle condition.

- Eliminates the need of layering which may cause imbalance and obstruction of the gullet.

- Enables saddle to be carried correctly over the rib cage.

- Used and endorsed by Equine Professionals.

- Endorsed by Vets, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Body Workers.

Why we developed it:

Many of the corrective pads currently available today fill the gullet and leave little room for the horse's spine. Some also fasten to the girth straps which can encourage the saddlecloth to bear down on the wither.

Seeing many horses with muscle wastage either side of the withers and along the back we recognised there was a need to design a saddle cloth that could help regenerate healthy muscle and help sore backs feel more comfortable. Like humans, horses develop imbalances in their muscle tone which can affect the fit and balance of their saddle and gait. Horses can't speak and don't always show signs of discomfort, they just suffer in silence wearing ill-fitting saddles.

About it:

The Saddle Selector Rehab Pad is a complete system. It has an outer cover and two gel foam inserts; one for each side of the saddlecloth.

The gel foam inserts cover the entire surface of the saddle panels giving superb lift and stability, unlike half pads which rely on filling the areas of muscle wastage for lift. In most cases muscle wastage occurs either side of the wither and along the spine. To enable regeneration of these muscles, these areas must be kept free. The unique shaping of the inserts allows freedom within the saddles gullet which is very important.

The design of the pocket which houses the inserts, gives maximum clearance of the spine for horses with muscle wastage or weight loss.

The system includes 6mm and 10mm PVC Gel Foam inserts; allowing for changes in horses' weight and muscle tone as they vary throughout the year.

A premium Rehab Pad for fast and accurate fitting, it's very simple to use. With easy fit straps, which fasten to the D rings, it ensures the saddlecloth maintains freedom in the gullet. The small quilting is smart and durable and it is machine washable for convenience and hygiene.

Available in Dressage, GP/Jump and Showing Versions.

Colours: White, Black or Brown.

Wash @ 40 degrees (without inserts).

Proudly made in the UK!